[Debut EP] Goin Up | Olive T | BQT006

Pre-order available: https://bqt-records.bandcamp.com/album/goin-up

Releases July 9, 2021

Bouquet. Records features Olive T. for their sixth EP release on vinyl to infuse their 2021 roster with the desired verve and energy that dormant club kids are thirsting for. Releasing in early summer, the energetic dance tracks herald a return to the dance floor, uplifted by soul-stirring synthesizer orchestral strings. The native New Yorker and scene fixture was influenced by 90’s house, inspired by Raze, Dee-lite, Green Velvet, and smooth disco flows. The ascension sensation of “Goin Up” builds on familiar house grooves with digital synths and a thoughtful utilization of today’s technology.

Known to play a range spanning hip hop to club, jazz to funk, disco to garage, and more, Olive T has DJ’d countless venues and over international airwaves. An early exposure to house and techno, combined with a wide span of diverse musical taste, shaped her unique style. In 2020 she started her own 2 hour radio show on The Lot Radio.

Olive T worked with the up and coming producer Tiro! due to her admiration of his use of traditional sounds of the 90’s era, sensing he also listened prolifically to 90’s house and techno. Tiro!’s remix of “This Is A Bop” adds organic flare to the original. A long-time fan of Matt Karmil, she invited him to remix “Opaque.” He flips the track upside down to reveal a different, but still vibrant interpretation, with his technical approach to remixing.

Olive T has released singles and remixes on Nervous records, 2MR, and on her own. The four track record “Goin Up” marks Olive T’s first label-released EP, and first release on San Diego-based Bouquet. Records. 


US Vinyl Distribution – PB Vinyl
ROW/EU Vinyl Distribution by All Ears Distribution

Mixed and Mastered by Justin Van Der Volgen
Art by CM-DP
A&R by Bailey Rogers
Words and Copy by Marcel Reyes-Vermillion

NEW RELEASE: Our 5th Vinyl Release is Trent’s “Transition 35”

Releasing and shipping worldwide on May 3rd, 2021

Pre-order available now: https://bqt-records.bandcamp.com/music

For our 5th vinyl release on Bouquet., Trent is towing the line between fresh and trippy, but undeniably dance floor heat on his first solo EP, and first release on our label.

We are proud to share his momentous solo effort with aficionados everywhere. Recorded in Berlin between 2018 and 2020, “Transition 35” takes cues from multiple eras of dance to characterize the ever changing colors of nightlife.

C’mon ride the train – final destination? The limits of your sensual abandon.

Stops along the way? 90’s rave. Psychedelic space station. Voodoo possession rite.

And that’s all in one hour of a long, orgiastic night.

Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades “Further Afield”

Pre-order available: https://bqt-records.bandcamp.com/album/further-afield
Releases December 18, 2020

Under the moniker Melquiades, Australia’s Alex Albrecht has released music for Scissor & Thread and his own Analogue Attic Recordings imprint – to great acclaim. His sound emanates in improvisations from the deeper fringes of dance and electronic. Able to find a jazzy quality in the sounds of the natural world, his subtle blend of ambient, electronica, and deep house has a nineties ethereal element.

His first release on Bouquet., “Further Afield” took field recordings from his recent time of the road. Introspective reveries blend with percussive feelings of movement. Mesmerizing meditations inflected with his signature tendency to improvise, the record is the result of his deep connection with his surroundings as he traveled with receptivity to the influence of the environment on his mind.

All tracks written and performed by Alexander Albrecht
Extra percussion on Denver Chimes by Lachlan McGeehan

Art: CM-DP
Mastering: Corey Kikos
Wordsmithing: Marcel Reyes-Vermillion
US Distro: PB Vinyl
EU/ROW: All Ears Distribution

NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, our latest vinyl offering on the Bouquet. Label: Fragile X’s “Lifetime”

Purchase Here: https://bqt-records.bandcamp.com/album/lifetime

We know you only curate the essentials in your collections and we believe our third record to be a worthy contender. Fragile X is an exciting new collaboration between vocalist Inga Schunn and producer Dylan Chase.The group began in 2019 when Schunn posted an iPhone voice recording on Facebook in which she sang an acapella in her native German. Her friend Chase, who was recording and releasing at that time as Caffeine Worldwide, heard the 30-second clip and immediately asked Schunn, at that time only an acquaintance, if she might like to record something.Neither of them realized at the time that the first sessions would lead to a debut 4-track EP that capably references as many styles as most full-length albums from established artists, while also setting a blueprint for a project that could go anywhere from here. Check out our Bandcamp (LINK IN BIO) to purchase, and our Soundcloud to listen and start pimping this out to your fellow music loving friends.Thanks for listening, loving, and collecting. More to come, serious label action the rest of 2020 and you best believe 2021 will be even more lit.

Alpha Pisceum w/ Bradley Zero, Physical Therapy & MEZ

Tickets: https://www.purplepass.com/alphapisceum2020

Calling our brothers and sisters who swim in the mysterious waters at the outer edge of the Zodiac sea.

The enigmatic Pisces. Fluidity and transcendence are the order of the day. We will flow through genres as day progresses into night. Starting off with bright house, disco, soulful vocals, and sunny spring grooves. Then night dives deeper into darker, more mysterious sonics: techno, and even more left field textures, breaks, and strange night music.
Pisces vices are escapism and total hedonism. Fortunately, that makes for a great party–and so, our next Bouquet. is created in the image of these fine fish freaks.

Pisces is a clandestine character. True to that, we’ve also slated a secret guest that will impress. This is one of our most packed line-ups ever. Apropos for 10 magnificent hours of music and day-to-night vibes.
Our mid-March party is named Alpha Pisceum, after the brightest star in the Pisces constellation. It also speaks to our theme: alphas, and Pisces.
This Bouquet. is a beacon for all the dreamers born under the sign of the fish. And for all the alphas who bring that A-game onto the dancefloor and knock ‘em dead with their charisma, strength and hustle.
Whether you’re a distant-eyed dream-maker, a hard-bodied steam-maker, or both – our sultry spring fling is for you.


XOXO,Bouquet Boys

Ticket tiers: $5 | $10 at door

Kiss Me Down There w/ Jason Kendig

Tickets: https://www.purplepass.com/#197242

Heat. Wetness. Pressure. Power. This is what gets exchanged between bodies under the red light. For Bouquet.’s second edition of their annual Valentine reveler “Kiss Me Down There,” we are traversing the textures of the boudoir. The patent leather of dark electro, sheer lace meshes of trippy house, the cold sting of metallic industrial, and warm fleshy mouthfuls of disco. We’ve appointed Jason Kendig, the Detroit-born savant known for elevating San Francisco nightlife as a founding daddy of Honey Soundsystem, to be master of orgiemonies. Come make mischief with us at The Merrow for full tilt bacchanal madness.

Xoxo, Bouquet Boys

Bouquet. 2 Year Anni w/ Mike Servito and Mor Elian



Join the Bouquet. Boys as we celebrate another luscious year of our monthly session of juicy hedonism. The Bouquet. 2 Year Anniversary cordially invites you to our sensual soiree. No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, Bouquet. is always a safe space for worship, be it spiritual, carnal, or otherwise. See you on the 13th!

We have entrusted the festivities to the gallant Mike Servito to regale the room with his signature badassness. And we welcome back our very first booking, Mor Elian, to rouse our spirits and get us in a grinding mood.

For the holidays, come to our dancefloor. Where you can be who you really are, or be who you want to be. Where we won’t judge you for living in your truth, and certainly won’t bat an eyelash at you living your best life. Where art comes first, and authentic beauty reigns supreme. The Bouquet. dance floor, where we can stomp our fear into the ground, dance with our demons, and emerge victorious.

2 year of embracing yourself. 2 years of flirting along the spectrum. 2 years of sex positivity. 2 years of radical self expression. 2 years of love. 2 years of dancing in the flowers. 2 years of Bouquet.

BUMP and Bouquet. Present LoveWitch

featuring Tama Sumo (Berghain / Panorama Bar, Berlin)
BUMP + Bouquet. Soundsystem
10pm Opening Blessing Ceremony by Olde Ways

*** Get tickets at www.purplepass.com/lovewitch ***

Join us Friday November 1st for a private party at the Little Italy Studio — LOVE WITCH. Brujos, sorceresses, love potions, spells and sacraments abound plus special Berlin guest dj Tamo Sumo in her first San Diego appearance — we’re in for an all night affair. Party goes til 4 at least. Capacity is VERY limited.

We at Bouquet. and BUMP are excited to share this night with you. It’s a rare space in a rare place with a rare dj and a rare audience — you.

Bouquet. with Analog Soul

No guestlist. First 60 tickets FREE. 🎫🎫 

Commit now to get one of these precious freebies. Bouquet. W/ Analog Soul 🌹🌹

Libra season. ♎ 

Time to bring the house and the tech into sonic equilibrium. Who do we entrust with this crucial balancing act? Bouquet. nominates the twin spirits of Analog Soul to charter the mission. Return to our den of flowers and feelings, and dance electric and eclectic to a spectrum of sound gems: obscure recordings, techno mindtwists, disco heaters, and jackin’ heavy-hitting house. Watch Analog Soul harness each other’s energy to balance the scales, and bridge the mind and body.

Bouquet. Presents: Hell Yes!

Tickets: Purplepass.com/hellyes

Bouquet. welcomes back Ron Like Hell to curate a night of music dedicated to the diversity of sound that reflects the diversity of faces we see in our crowd, and the essential heart of what a bouquet truly is. And he’s enlisting Berghain resident Matrixxman to help shed the genre trappings and inspire true liberation!

In an era where categories become more strict rather than loose, it is comforting to know other DJs that approach the art of the mix with a sense of humor along with a very critical ear. Matrixxman is one of those rare talents today that is as quick to make light of the industry and its excessive opinions, as he is keen on producing quality music that doesn’t suck. When it comes to dj’ing, it’s like he’s scoring a sci-fi film filled with dark thundering beats and head spinning drum rolls, balancing his track selection with his undeniable fine phrasing. One isn’t just being served techno, his storytelling plays out in movements like it was disco or hip-hop. With my own eclectic style that loves to warm up the subwoofers with disco sleaze as much as deep electro techno or obscure house, my main goal for this evening is to avoid all house/techno/disco purism.

Leave all dance politics behind. Expect a night of vivid colorful sounds, textures ranging from soft to sharp, all cool and hot in the right places, putting a bit of sass in your step on the dancefloor. After a few recent conversations with Matrixxman regarding this gig, it seems we got more than a few stories to share with you on September 13th.


Ron like Hell


Bouquet Soundsystem

Bouquet. presents our first Vinyl LP: ETBONZ “Beyond The Cosmic Blaze

Occasionally prodigal, but ever-prodigious, Elliot Thomas AKA Etbonzweaves an 80-s/early 90’s sci-fi cinema sound into a total recall of scattered memories. Childhood play with starcom and Gobots. Soaking in cult classics like Robocop, Predator, and Big Trouble in Little China on VHS. DJing in spacey laser-lit rooms draped with sound-dampening curtains. These are the Rockstar fueled productions that Etbonz’ midnight sessions have generated for “Beyond The Cosmic Blaze.” Rounding out this scientific experiment is Grenvision’s Trent, who explores psychedelic yet euphoric sonics opening a vortex to the unknown through his rework of “Blue Drink.” Together, they embark on a journey trailblazing through the cosmos as they christen our newly-active Bouquet. label with our first LP.

Other than that, let’s have the music do the editorializing—if you will. Enjoy the cosmic voyage across the 8th dimension, courtesy of Captain EtBuckarooBonz.

Art: cm-dp
Words: Marcel S Reyes Vermillion
US Distro: @PBvinyl
EU/ROW Distro: @All Ears Distribution

💐 Aug 30: Dorisburg plays the Bouquet. dancefloor!

Tickets: purplepass.com/bouquet

Bouquet. knows what you dream about on a hot summer night. The tribal beat echoing in your mind that stirs your body, tangling you in your sheets. Your fantasies of dark silhouettes gyrating against each other in smoky, dim rooms. We want your secret dreams to come true, and are bringing in Stockholm’s Dorisburg to be your dark Morpheus.

Dorisburg is known for dreamy, melancholic melodies and hypnotic drum tracks, shifting through stylistic lanes in dizzying range. He creates lush atmospheres that envelop you, calling in an otherworldly aura even to the toughest beats. Come experience what beautiful deep music is like when it’s spiraling out of the gate of dreams, at Bouquet.’s sexiest session yet.

Bouquet. Boys

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