Bouquet. Presents: Hell Yes!


Bouquet. welcomes back Ron Like Hell to curate a night of music dedicated to the diversity of sound that reflects the diversity of faces we see in our crowd, and the essential heart of what a bouquet truly is. And he’s enlisting Berghain resident Matrixxman to help shed the genre trappings and inspire true liberation!

In an era where categories become more strict rather than loose, it is comforting to know other DJs that approach the art of the mix with a sense of humor along with a very critical ear. Matrixxman is one of those rare talents today that is as quick to make light of the industry and its excessive opinions, as he is keen on producing quality music that doesn’t suck. When it comes to dj’ing, it’s like he’s scoring a sci-fi film filled with dark thundering beats and head spinning drum rolls, balancing his track selection with his undeniable fine phrasing. One isn’t just being served techno, his storytelling plays out in movements like it was disco or hip-hop. With my own eclectic style that loves to warm up the subwoofers with disco sleaze as much as deep electro techno or obscure house, my main goal for this evening is to avoid all house/techno/disco purism.

Leave all dance politics behind. Expect a night of vivid colorful sounds, textures ranging from soft to sharp, all cool and hot in the right places, putting a bit of sass in your step on the dancefloor. After a few recent conversations with Matrixxman regarding this gig, it seems we got more than a few stories to share with you on September 13th.


Ron like Hell


Bouquet Soundsystem

Bouquet. presents our first Vinyl LP: ETBONZ “Beyond The Cosmic Blaze

Occasionally prodigal, but ever-prodigious, Elliot Thomas AKA Etbonzweaves an 80-s/early 90’s sci-fi cinema sound into a total recall of scattered memories. Childhood play with starcom and Gobots. Soaking in cult classics like Robocop, Predator, and Big Trouble in Little China on VHS. DJing in spacey laser-lit rooms draped with sound-dampening curtains. These are the Rockstar fueled productions that Etbonz’ midnight sessions have generated for “Beyond The Cosmic Blaze.” Rounding out this scientific experiment is Grenvision’s Trent, who explores psychedelic yet euphoric sonics opening a vortex to the unknown through his rework of “Blue Drink.” Together, they embark on a journey trailblazing through the cosmos as they christen our newly-active Bouquet. label with our first LP.

Other than that, let’s have the music do the editorializing—if you will. Enjoy the cosmic voyage across the 8th dimension, courtesy of Captain EtBuckarooBonz.

Art: cm-dp
Words: Marcel S Reyes Vermillion
US Distro: @PBvinyl
EU/ROW Distro: @All Ears Distribution

💐 Aug 30: Dorisburg plays the Bouquet. dancefloor!


Bouquet. knows what you dream about on a hot summer night. The tribal beat echoing in your mind that stirs your body, tangling you in your sheets. Your fantasies of dark silhouettes gyrating against each other in smoky, dim rooms. We want your secret dreams to come true, and are bringing in Stockholm’s Dorisburg to be your dark Morpheus.

Dorisburg is known for dreamy, melancholic melodies and hypnotic drum tracks, shifting through stylistic lanes in dizzying range. He creates lush atmospheres that envelop you, calling in an otherworldly aura even to the toughest beats. Come experience what beautiful deep music is like when it’s spiraling out of the gate of dreams, at Bouquet.’s sexiest session yet.

Bouquet. Boys

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