Bouquet. 2 Year Anni w/ Mike Servito and Mor Elian



Join the Bouquet. Boys as we celebrate another luscious year of our monthly session of juicy hedonism. The Bouquet. 2 Year Anniversary cordially invites you to our sensual soiree. No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, Bouquet. is always a safe space for worship, be it spiritual, carnal, or otherwise. See you on the 13th!

We have entrusted the festivities to the gallant Mike Servito to regale the room with his signature badassness. And we welcome back our very first booking, Mor Elian, to rouse our spirits and get us in a grinding mood.

For the holidays, come to our dancefloor. Where you can be who you really are, or be who you want to be. Where we won’t judge you for living in your truth, and certainly won’t bat an eyelash at you living your best life. Where art comes first, and authentic beauty reigns supreme. The Bouquet. dance floor, where we can stomp our fear into the ground, dance with our demons, and emerge victorious.

2 year of embracing yourself. 2 years of flirting along the spectrum. 2 years of sex positivity. 2 years of radical self expression. 2 years of love. 2 years of dancing in the flowers. 2 years of Bouquet.

BUMP and Bouquet. Present LoveWitch

featuring Tama Sumo (Berghain / Panorama Bar, Berlin)
BUMP + Bouquet. Soundsystem
10pm Opening Blessing Ceremony by Olde Ways

*** Get tickets at ***

Join us Friday November 1st for a private party at the Little Italy Studio — LOVE WITCH. Brujos, sorceresses, love potions, spells and sacraments abound plus special Berlin guest dj Tamo Sumo in her first San Diego appearance — we’re in for an all night affair. Party goes til 4 at least. Capacity is VERY limited.

We at Bouquet. and BUMP are excited to share this night with you. It’s a rare space in a rare place with a rare dj and a rare audience — you.