Alpha Pisceum w/ Bradley Zero, Physical Therapy & MEZ


Calling our brothers and sisters who swim in the mysterious waters at the outer edge of the Zodiac sea.

The enigmatic Pisces. Fluidity and transcendence are the order of the day. We will flow through genres as day progresses into night. Starting off with bright house, disco, soulful vocals, and sunny spring grooves. Then night dives deeper into darker, more mysterious sonics: techno, and even more left field textures, breaks, and strange night music.
Pisces vices are escapism and total hedonism. Fortunately, that makes for a great party–and so, our next Bouquet. is created in the image of these fine fish freaks.

Pisces is a clandestine character. True to that, we’ve also slated a secret guest that will impress. This is one of our most packed line-ups ever. Apropos for 10 magnificent hours of music and day-to-night vibes.
Our mid-March party is named Alpha Pisceum, after the brightest star in the Pisces constellation. It also speaks to our theme: alphas, and Pisces.
This Bouquet. is a beacon for all the dreamers born under the sign of the fish. And for all the alphas who bring that A-game onto the dancefloor and knock ‘em dead with their charisma, strength and hustle.
Whether you’re a distant-eyed dream-maker, a hard-bodied steam-maker, or both – our sultry spring fling is for you.


XOXO,Bouquet Boys

Ticket tiers: $5 | $10 at door

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