NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, our latest vinyl offering on the Bouquet. Label: Fragile X’s “Lifetime”

Purchase Here:

We know you only curate the essentials in your collections and we believe our third record to be a worthy contender. Fragile X is an exciting new collaboration between vocalist Inga Schunn and producer Dylan Chase.The group began in 2019 when Schunn posted an iPhone voice recording on Facebook in which she sang an acapella in her native German. Her friend Chase, who was recording and releasing at that time as Caffeine Worldwide, heard the 30-second clip and immediately asked Schunn, at that time only an acquaintance, if she might like to record something.Neither of them realized at the time that the first sessions would lead to a debut 4-track EP that capably references as many styles as most full-length albums from established artists, while also setting a blueprint for a project that could go anywhere from here. Check out our Bandcamp (LINK IN BIO) to purchase, and our Soundcloud to listen and start pimping this out to your fellow music loving friends.Thanks for listening, loving, and collecting. More to come, serious label action the rest of 2020 and you best believe 2021 will be even more lit.

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